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for leaders and teams who want to elevate their impact and thrive in dynamic, high-stakes environments


Your sense of fulfillment and happiness in your career, relationships, and life is of utmost importance. This work is personal. And, whether you’re going for that next promotion, preparing to start a new job, struggling with challenges at home, or looking to make a change in your life, you deserve a partner who is 100% invested in your long-term success, brings relevant experience, and "gets you."

What would be possible if you could unlock your potential and
realize your dreams, all while staying true to yourself?

Many of us are crippled by the relentless pace of our work and life and lose track of who we are and why we are so awesome! We are overwhelmed and stressed out, labeled by constant feedback at work and relentlessly in search of perfection. But that isn't sustainable!

If you let go of defining yourself by everyone else's expectations,
what would your life be like?

I know how hard it can feel. For years I kept pushing myself to reach for something higher, bigger, better. But with a multitude of new responsibilities piling up around me, I was drowning in my own fears about what everyone else thought about me and the "what ifs" of life. Eventually I realized it was too much. I needed to press the reset button and really tackle the negative, limiting beliefs that kept me in a constant battle with myself.

We all have the ability to rewrite the stories we tell ourselves,
tap into our super powers, and find deep contentment.  

Over the years, I knew that curiosity and an ability to dig deep, explore and apply learnings quickly were critical to my success. I considered myself very self-aware but hadn't yet realized how to minimize inner saboteur voices that were always by my side making everything feel harder than it needed to be and making it difficult to persevere through challenges. It wasn't until I worked with my own leadership coach and began to shift my perspective that I started to move from awareness to action and really transform how I saw myself and my circumstances. 

It's NOW my mission to help you THRIVE.
Let's start today!

What Clients Say

"I set up 1:1 coaching with Alenna when I was really struggling balancing a career, mom life and some other challenges life threw my way. I was not sure what my direction was and needed some help to ground myself again. Out the gate I immediately felt comfortable with Alenna. I really appreciated her perspective on things and she gave me super easy tactical ways to navigate the challenges that were thrown my way. I was a little all over the place, but she really helped me focus in on one area to really strive for a more fulfilling life. 
I joined her Positive Intelligence program and it was AMAZING. The tactics I learned were life-changing for me. I often felt very overwhelmed with my own research on how to manage stress, be more present in the moment, and look at things through a more positive lens. However, this program was super easy and approachable. Plus, I was able to network with some other amazing woman who were looking to build their mental fitness as well. I truly looked forward to these sessions weekly and feel more confident in handling stress that is thrown my way.

Christine, Marketing Director

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